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Rising to the complex and interconnected challenges facing the environment and the economy requires significant shifts in all the ways we work together as a society–from policy design, to business practice, to technological innovation. Driving those shifts requires new business models, better research, and smart approaches to how governments, industries and communities develop win-win solutions together. Most of all, it requires leadership from ambitious and committed problem-solvers, like you.

Why become a partner

Our partners inform policy recommendations, share knowledge across industry and professional networks, actively shape and pilot innovations, drive impact in their sectors, and cultivate win-win relationships. There are numerous ways to participate in advancing our mission.

Whether you are interested in driving forward a specific solution or advancing our overall vision, we are excited to explore how we can work together for impact. We invite you to consider the specific opportunities below or contact us at to discuss customizing a partnership aligned with your organizational strategy and sustainability goals.

Become a partner of the Canada Plastics Pact (CPP)

CPP Partners represent businesses, associations, non-profit organizations, and governments committed to eliminating plastic pollution and waste. Together, they advance a vision for a circular economy, where plastics stay in the economy and out of people, animals, and nature.

Start your CPP journey: Contact Meg O’Shea, Director of Strategic Partnerships, to learn more:

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Join circular economy leaders Canada (CELC)

The transition to a circular economy presents enormous opportunities, particularly for first-movers. CELC members represent a growing number of corporate, non-profit, and academic leaders who are already making critical investments in the economic, social and environmental sustainability of their businesses and organizations, as well as embracing circularity as a core element of their strategic priorities.

Start your CELC Journey: Contact Paul Shorthouse, Managing Director:

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Grow the Nature Investment Hub

Nature Investment Hub partners scale conservation finance solutions.  Impact investors, financial institutions, Indigenous organizations and Nations,  land owners, private sector, conservation groups, and government co-create solutions in the burgeoning field of investing in nature.  Leaders collaborate to share knowledge, inform policy options, and spotlight conservation investment opportunities.

Start your NIH Journey:  Contact Courtney Kehoe, Director, Partner Engagement:

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Answer CANZA’s Call to Action

CANZA (Canadian Alliance for Net-Zero Agri-food) is an action-oriented initiative that brings together problem-solvers across the agri-food system to drive a thriving and sustainable agriculture industry. Partners represent farms and farm associations, agri-food industry entrepreneurs, academic and non-profit organizations, Indigenous communities and organizations, and all orders of government.

Start your CANZA Journey: Contact Nick Betts, Managing Director:

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Collaborate with the Energy Futures Lab

The Energy Futures Lab brings together a diverse network of innovative energy system leaders working from within to address the most complex challenges at the heart of Canada’s energy transition. Together, they inform, co-create, and scale solutions for an inclusive, equitable, and prosperous net-zero energy future.

Start your Energy Future’s Lab Journey: Contact Erin Romanchuk, Deputy Director:

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