How we work

We create Solution Spaces

Our Solution Spaces foster deep collaboration between people across sectors and value chains, informed by world-class research and policy expertise. The goal:  to innovate impactful, scalable, and human-centered solutions to complex sustainability problems at the heart of economy, environment, and society.

That’s a big scope…we know!  That’s why we bring a clear and thoughtful lens to the challenges we take on.  Here’s how we determine and prioritize the Solution Spaces we create and the work we do within each of them.


We work on the economic, environmental, social issues at the heart of Canada’s overlapping climate change, biodiversity, and pollution crises.


We work exclusively on systems-level changes that align and create economic, environmental, and social value. In other words: no band-aid fixes, no short-term, zero-sum thinking. We’re talking long-term change with lasting benefits.


We take on issues where we can fill a clear gap in the solutions ecosystem. Namely, where there is a need to convene, engage, and drive collaboration across multiple sectors of society and up and down value chains.


We act on opportunity–when it is clear that windows for progress are opening and a core constituency of willing and influential problem-solvers are ready to engage.

Our work in action

Why farmers play a big role in fighting climate change

With fall harvest wrapping up, Kristjan Hebert stands amidst the stubble in one of his fields near Moosomin, Saskatchewan. But it’s another valuable “crop” at his feet that he’s eager to talk about: carbon.

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How to create a Canadian battery metals industry that powers our economy

The pumpjacks dotting Alberta’s landscape might not look like an entry point to the booming electric vehicle (EV) industry. But what if today’s waste could play a valuable role in tomorrow’s energy system?

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How do you solve a problem like flexible plastic waste?

From candy wrappers to shipping bags, flexible plastic is everywhere. And in Canada, only three to four per cent of it gets recycled. It’s a system problem —  and it will take the whole system to solve it.

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Seizing a multi-trillion dollar opportunity

The circular economy promises to unlock massive opportunities  and solutions to some of our most pressing challenges. But it’s still a pretty nascent concept. Can Canada’s finance sector open the door?

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There are many ways to participate in advancing our mission. Whether you are interested in driving forward a specific solution or advancing our overall vision, we are excited to explore how we can work together for impact.

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