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We need to find ways to help our audiences leave their foxholes and consider new ideas.

Amanda Ripley

Complicating the Narratives

We believe that journalism has the tremendous power and opportunity to help people understand not only the challenging and complex problems we are facing, but also the challenging and complex solutions. We welcome inquiries from journalists seeking to shed light on what people can do and are doing to help solve the seemingly intractable environment-economy issues of our time.

Connect with us to talk about questions like:

  • What will it take to eliminate plastic pollution?
  • How can we lower agricultural emissions while supporting farmers?
  • What is a “circular economy” and how can it lower pressure on our resources, landfills, and climate targets?
  • How do we attract private investment to close the funding gap for nature?
  • Is there a non-partisan solution to Alberta’s complex energy transition challenges?